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Dip Mockup Cover 01 500px

Cover of the Dip-Idea-Configurator

  • Dip Mockup Inhalt 03 500px

  • Dip Mockup Inhalt 01 500px

Dip-Idea-Configurator kits, tips and ultimate shopping list for dips.

  • Anleitung 1 400px

  • Anleitung 2 400px

  • Anleitung 3 400px

Illustrations for ‘How to make’

How ‘Dip-idea-configurator’ works

  • 1. What would you like to eat?

    Choose the dish you want to eat
    – at yellow ring.

  • 2.Dip base

    Deside the suitable dip-base:
    turn the blue ring.

  • 3. Dip character

    Give your dip character:
    turn the green ring.

  • 4. Finishing touch

    Put the ingredients together in a bowl and mix everything.
    Give your dip the finishing touch
    with water, salt, pepper, oil and/or lemon: red ring.

  • Dip Cow 01 480 Min

  • Dip Konfi Hand01 480 2

    GIF Animation for Website

[Dip-Idea-Configurator] is a method, which gives cooking ideas for dips, pestos, salsas, sauce and spread. The makers, ‘Food-Konfigurator’, believe that everybody can cook and people can learn cooking by doing. With this tool, people can configurate their own dip ideas with daily taste and feeling. Every cooking ideas is vegan.

For this project, I made the illustrations and chracters for print and website. I wanted to show the world, where every living beings are respected and living together, like the cow driking coffee and the trees who hug each other.


Concept & Project Development and Website realisation by Suug Productions,
Layout Design and GIF Animation by Seha,
GIF Animation by Moondesign,

See more about [Dip-Ideen-Konfigurator] in Website


Logo Design & Portrait

Logo Design for

Profile for website and social media

Full-body portrait for website

[] offers professional website and consulting and coaching by internet and digital communication and online concepts for businesses.

For [], I created the logo design and portraits. With my services, NetzSinn can communicate its identity and services to audiences more personally and professionally. The vector-portraits are flexibly well used on its website and print advertisement as well.

If you want to give on your business more personal touch, I can help you on visual identity with the logo design and avatar, which helps trustful and warm presentation.


Allerlei Hamburg

Allerlei Hamburg

Illustration & Postcard Design

Folded card (C6) with illustration ‘Allerlei Hamburg’

  • 2019 Weihnacht C6 Hoch 004

    Outer page

  • 2019 Weihnacht C6 Hoch 004

    Inside page

You can order the postcard with your logo and text. (Size: DIN-Lang)

The illustration ‘Allerlei Hamburg’ shows the divers and vivid scenes of downtown in Hamburg.

I wanted to feature the people in Hamburg who make the city vivid and lively. From this illustration, I made variations of the postcard for Christmas.

If you are looking for the individual illustration and special postcard which is featuring Hamburg, I can help you with the extraordinary and humorous illustrations taken by the loving perspective on Hamburg.



Postcard mockup: Designed by yeven_popov / Freepik

See more postcard design with the theme ‘Hamburg’!

Hafen Hamburg Altona




Boxes beim Comicfestival Hamburg 2019 – Schaut vorbei!

Öffnungszeiten: 21.09. Samstag – 28.09. Samstag

Montag – Dienstag: 11 – 15 Uhr
Mittwoch – Freitag: 11 – 19 Uhr
Samstag: 11 – 18 Uhr

Mein Gehirn ist voller Boxen, ob bei meiner Ernährung, ob bei meiner Ausbildung, oder bei meinem Lifestyle. Überall erkenne ich Boxen in meinem Kopf. Gedanken, die nicht meine sind!
Gedanken, über die ich bisher nie nachgedacht habe. Gedanken, die mich jetzt erschaudern lassen!

Nach der Schule und Uni, weiß ich gar nicht, was ich tun soll. Ich fühle mich tot unglücklich.
Ich habe entschieden, das zu ändern!
Im Comic zeige ich, wie ich versuche, da rauszukommen.

Zunächst haue ich ab. Es ist ein Ausbruch aus meiner Welt … Eine Reise in mich selbst.
Als Nächstes die Erkenntnis: Bisher habe ich nur in Boxen denken gelernt.
Bisher aß ich Fleisch, ohne auch nur einmal daran zu denken, welches Leid ich damit den Tieren zufüge.
Ich fühlte mich wohl in einem Schulsystem, ohne zu realisieren, dass ich wie ein Objekt behandelt werde.

Ich konsumierte einen Lifestyle, ohne zu bemerken, wie ich dadurch die Umwelt verschmutze.
Alles Boxen in meinem Kopf, die mich einengen.

Doch jetzt ändere ich das!

Watch the video version of ‘Boxes’:

Storytelling & Illustration & Animation by Daha,
Music by Suug, Suug Productions, Hamburg,
Story- & Concept- Advice by Suug und Bernhard Woehrlin, Suug Productions, Hamburg,
3D Animation & Layout Advice by Seha,

Chapter 2 – Wow, so far I‘ve only learned to think
in boxes

Wow, bisher hab’ ich nur in Boxen denken gelernt
와, 지금까지 내가 상자 안에서만 생각하고 있었다니

You want more?

Send me your email and I will inform you when the comic gets published.

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 2

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 3

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 14

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 17

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 18

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 19

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 21

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 22

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 23

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 26

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 27

  • Boxe Page 150dpi 28

Boxes old


Graphic Novel

Teaser Video for the [Boxes]

Animation by Seha Art & Moon











  • Chapter 1 04

  • Chapter 1 04

  • Chapter 1 04

  • Chapter 1 04

  • Print

  • Print

In the graphic novel [Boxes], I described how I could get my grip on my life, through developing responsible attitudes about what we eat, how we educate, and how we live – Lifestyle.

Story & Concept Consultation: Suug und Bernhard Woehrlin, Suug Productions, Hamburg –

Layout Consultation: Seha, Seha Art Solutions –


seha art solutions

Logo Design

Seha Logo 003

  • Seha Idee 01 1600

  • Seha Idee 02 1600

Idea sketches

I designed the logo for the personal business [seha art solutions].

The business helps other’s projects to get realized, so we set the concept, “a door opened for the future”. In additional, I added a ball to make people curios about outside of the door.

If you are looking for visualizing your business, I can help you by offering conceptual and abstract logo designs.



One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket

Comic & Animation

Why I moved from Korea to Germany.




Big 800px 001

  • Big 400px 002 2

    I want to live differently.

  • Big 400px 003

    ‘Am I an unsatisfied person?’

  • Big 400px 004

    ‘Or arrogant?’

  • Big 400px 005

    Maybe I just want to live
    kind of special life.



  • Big 400px 006

    Do I expect too much from life?

  • Big 400px 007

    But, one thing is obvious.

Big 800px 008

‘I don’t want to live like this any more.’

Big 400px 009 02

So I decide

Big 400px 011

“Good bye,”

Big 400px 010

to buy an one way ticket.

This comic is about my decision to leave home.

I drew my experiences and feelings and organized them in comic. One more, I animated the scenes into the video with rhythmical breath. 

If you want to make your stories more impressive, I can help you by visualizing them into the comic and animating them.



Music video

  • Traenen Web 01

  • Traenen Web 05

  • Traenen Web 04

  • Traenen Web 03

For project Tränen – music and illustration by Suug-, I worked video animations for the music.

This music video is made with only one picture, so I gave it simple and effective animations and made camera walks like a painting which means I made strokes traveling inside of image with exact tempo.

If you have a plan to release your project and need effective and simple video, I can help you by making your images into eye-catching video with proper animations. I also can give you new images and make them move following your concepts.

Tränen I Suug Magazine

All Hamburg’s wind gather here!

All Hamburg’s windgather here!


[All Hamburg’s wind gather here!] is a one-page comic that I drew the first experience of winter in Hamburg.
Because Hamburg has very strong wind from the harbor, I found that all the hats I brought from Korea are not suitable with here. I expressed endless thinking cycles about winter products I need on one page with rhythmical layouts.
If you have interests in organizing your experiences or messages in a visual way, I can help you with unique and personal comics with your own characters.

Your Cat’s Tail Tells Tales

Your Cat’s Tail Tells Tales

Moving image

[Your Cat’s Tail Tells Tales] is a series of moving images and made for stickers can be used on messengers.
I wanted to make the very easy, simple but strong communicable movement, so I choose a cat’s tail.
If you are looking for character designs and little more special works to show other, I can help you with unique and simple moving images you can use on your website, SNS and logo for video.

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