If you believe like me, that curiosity and oddity are bringing a big value, then you are in the right place …

Boxes beim Comicfestival Hamburg 2019 – Schaut vorbei!

Öffnungszeiten: 21.09. Samstag – 28.09. Samstag

Montag – Dienstag: 11 – 15 Uhr
Mittwoch – Freitag: 11 – 19 Uhr
Samstag: 11 – 18 Uhr

Zum “Boxes” Comic und Video



Illustration & Product Development


Illustration & Postcard Design

Hafen Hamburg Altona


book ‘The Children Who Protect the Ocean’

Graphic Novel

Why We Live

Music Video

Animation for ‘Tränen’

Comic & Animation

One Way Ticket


Book ‘There’

Character Design


Graphic Novel

The Making of the movie ‘Stranger than Jesus’

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