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Spaceship | Illustration, Poster Design




For the poster of the performance [Spaceship], I drew conceptual illustrations.
A choreographer of the performance organized this project with some sentences about space, body, and existence. So I suggested to visualize them into simple drawings which directly point out the theme and make audiences curious.
If you plan to present your projects to people, I can help you by visualizing your concept which can be used to posters, flyers, and SNS commercials. I also can offer you images strongly related to your project and proper to communicate with your audience.

The Children Who Protect the Ocean | Book Illustration

The Children Who Protect the Ocean

Book Illustration

[The Children Who Protect the Ocean] is a book about plastic ocean pollution and children who try to find secrets of plastic factory and solutions we have to act.
For this book, I designed a cover and structures that each chapter has a front page to imagine contents. And I suggested using pencil drawings and one color of watercolor to give contrast between ocean and plastic pollution.
If you want to communicate your project clearer, I can help you by finding how many images you need, where they need, and which images are proper to your project.

There | Book Illustration


Book Illustration

Book [There] is a graphic novel for adults. It’s about a boy with disability rings a bell both for a village ‚there‘ and himself.
After reading this story, I thought that pencil drawings are exactly fit this story. So I suggested black and white scenes with geometric touches to make a silent and poetic atmosphere.
If you have a project to show and want to give it its own atmosphere, I can help you by finding concepts of visualizations which is fit to your project and offering illustrations, designs, or visual-direction notes.

Seochon Performing Art Festival 2016 | Illustration, Poster Design

Performing Art Festival


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2400px 2017poster


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    T-SHIRT design by WOOSAYOU

I worked on illustrations of [2016 SEOCHON Performing Art Festival].

I wanted to relate what this festival has done and will make, and to communicate what atmosphere it has. So I picked some photos of the last festival, drew illustrations, and rearranged them for the new poster.

If you want to visualize and communicate your projects effectively, I can help you with proper images, colors, and mood which fit into yours.

Comic "Boxes"

Wir alle denken in Schubladen – in Boxen.

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