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Schlagwort: Logo design | Logo Design, Portrait Illustration

Logo Design & Portrait

Logo Design for

Profile for website and social media

Full-body portrait for website

[] offers professional website and consulting and coaching by internet and digital communication and online concepts for businesses.

For [], I created the logo design and portraits. With my services, NetzSinn can communicate its identity and services to audiences more personally and professionally. The vector-portraits are flexibly well used on its website and print advertisement as well.

If you want to give on your business more personal touch, I can help you on visual identity with the logo design and avatar, which helps trustful and warm presentation.


2seha | Logo Design

seha art solutions

Logo Design

Seha Logo 003

Seha Idee 02 1600

Idea sketches

I designed the logo for the personal business [seha art solutions].

The business helps other’s projects to get realized, so we set the concept, „a door opened for the future“. In additional, I added a ball to make people curios about outside of the door.

If you are looking for visualizing your business, I can help you by offering conceptual and abstract logo designs.




Comic "Boxes"

Wir alle denken in Schubladen – in Boxen.