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Allerlei Hamburg 2020 | Illustration, Postcard Design

Allerlei Hamburg

– Grußkarte mit Hamburg-Motiv

zu den Kartendetails

Die Grußkarte ‚Allerlei Hamburg’ ist handgezeichnet, mit liebevollen Szenen der Stadt und vom Hamburger Hafen. Speziell für die Corona-Zeit gemacht, um herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg zu versenden. Mit Mutmach-Sprüchen: „Bleiben Sie gesund”, „Alles wird gut” und „Optimistisch & vernetzt bleiben”.

  • Klappkarten Allerlei Hamburg 2020 Aussen 01 800

  • Klappkarten Allerlei Hamburg 2020 Aussen 02 800

    Motivdetails ‚Allerlei Hamburg’

  • Mockup Din Lang Blank 1600px

    Klappkarte (DIN Lang)

  • Mockup A6 02 800px

    Postkarte (DIN A6)

Die Karten sind auf 300 g/m² Offsetpapier gedruckt und haben haben einen EAN-Barcode. Die Klappkarten erhalten zudem einen Briefumschlag.

Postkarten-Mockup: Design von Yeven_Popov / Freepik


Herzliche Grüße für deine Familie, deinen Freundeskreis und alle Nachbar:innen – mit liebevollen, handgemalten Hamburg-Motiven.

Ein Bündel enthält:

2 x Klappkarten mit Breifumschlag
5 x Postkarten

Weitere Grußkarten mit Hamburg-Motiv hier:

Zum Motiv ‚Allerlei Hamburg‘

Zum Motiv ‚Hafen Hamburg Altona‘

Allerlei Hamburg 2019 | Illustration, Postcard Design

Allerlei Hamburg

Illustration & Postcard Design

Folded card (C6) with illustration ‘Allerlei Hamburg’

  • 2019 Weihnacht C6 Hoch 004

    Outer page

  • 2019 Weihnacht C6 Hoch 004

    Inside page

You can order the postcard with your logo and text. (Size: DIN-Lang)

The illustration ‘Allerlei Hamburg’ shows the divers and vivid scenes of downtown in Hamburg.

I wanted to feature the people in Hamburg who make the city vivid and lively. From this illustration, I made variations of the postcard for Christmas.

If you are looking for the individual illustration and special postcard which is featuring Hamburg, I can help you with the extraordinary and humorous illustrations taken by the loving perspective on Hamburg.



Postcard mockup: Designed by yeven_popov / Freepik

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Hafen Hamburg Altona

Allerlei Hamburg 2020

One Way Ticket | Comic, Illustration, Video Animation

One Way Ticket

Comic & Animation

Why I moved from Korea to Germany.




Big 800px 001

  • Big 400px 002 2

    I want to live differently.

  • Big 400px 003

    ‘Am I an unsatisfied person?’

  • Big 400px 004

    ‘Or arrogant?’

  • Big 400px 005

    Maybe I just want to live
    kind of special life.



  • Big 400px 006

    Do I expect too much from life?

  • Big 400px 007

    But, one thing is obvious.

Big 800px 008

‘I don’t want to live like this any more.’

Big 400px 009 02

So I decide

Big 400px 011

“Good bye,”

Big 400px 010

to buy an one way ticket.

This comic is about my decision to leave home.

I drew my experiences and feelings and organized them in comic. One more, I animated the scenes into the video with rhythmical breath. 

If you want to make your stories more impressive, I can help you by visualizing them into the comic and animating them.

All Hamburg’s wind gather here! | Comic, Illustration

All Hamburg’s windgather here!


[All Hamburg’s wind gather here!] is a one-page comic that I drew the first experience of winter in Hamburg.
Because Hamburg has very strong wind from the harbor, I found that all the hats I brought from Korea are not suitable with here. I expressed endless thinking cycles about winter products I need on one page with rhythmical layouts.
If you have interests in organizing your experiences or messages in a visual way, I can help you with unique and personal comics with your own characters.

Your Cat’s Tail Tells Tales | Short Animation

Your Cat’s Tail Tells Tales

Moving image

[Your Cat’s Tail Tells Tales] is a series of moving images and made for stickers can be used on messengers.
I wanted to make the very easy, simple but strong communicable movement, so I choose a cat’s tail.
If you are looking for character designs and little more special works to show other, I can help you with unique and simple moving images you can use on your website, SNS and logo for video.

Spaceship | Illustration, Poster Design




For the poster of the performance [Spaceship], I drew conceptual illustrations.
A choreographer of the performance organized this project with some sentences about space, body, and existence. So I suggested to visualize them into simple drawings which directly point out the theme and make audiences curious.
If you plan to present your projects to people, I can help you by visualizing your concept which can be used to posters, flyers, and SNS commercials. I also can offer you images strongly related to your project and proper to communicate with your audience.

The Children Who Protect the Ocean | Book Illustration

The Children Who Protect the Ocean

Book Illustration

[The Children Who Protect the Ocean] is a book about plastic ocean pollution and children who try to find secrets of plastic factory and solutions we have to act.
For this book, I designed a cover and structures that each chapter has a front page to imagine contents. And I suggested using pencil drawings and one color of watercolor to give contrast between ocean and plastic pollution.
If you want to communicate your project clearer, I can help you by finding how many images you need, where they need, and which images are proper to your project.

Hafen Hamburg Altona | Illustration, Postcard Design

Hafen Hamburg Altona

Illustration & Postcard Design

  • Christmas Front 1

  • Christmas Front 2

    Outer Page

  • Christmas Back 1

    Inside Page

Folded Card Design
You can put your logo and own message on the postcard.

  • Christmas 1200 03

  • Christmas 1200 02

  • Christmas 1200 04

  • Christmas 1200 07

A4 Poster Design
You can print it yourself and hang on a wall.

Free download

[Hafen Hamburg Altona] is the illustration for the individual Christmas card. A client who asked me a Christmas card wanted to make a calm, simple, but the unique postcard. So I choose winter landscape of Hamburg where he works now, without typical Christmas symbols.

I also made a poster with the same illustration, which is for a visitor to my website, so they can print and hang it on the wall in their house.

If you are looking for uncommon and personal illustrations for postcard or poster, I can help you with special illustrations and designs that you can not find in any stationery shops. You even can suggest me a new kind of product., and We can make various designs by one illustration.


Postcard mockup: Designed by yeven_popov / Freepik

Poster mockup: Designed by / Freepik


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Allerlei Hamburg 2020

Allerlei Hamburg

There | Book Illustration


Book Illustration

Book [There] is a graphic novel for adults. It’s about a boy with disability rings a bell both for a village ‘there’ and himself.
After reading this story, I thought that pencil drawings are exactly fit this story. So I suggested black and white scenes with geometric touches to make a silent and poetic atmosphere.
If you have a project to show and want to give it its own atmosphere, I can help you by finding concepts of visualizations which is fit to your project and offering illustrations, designs, or visual-direction notes.

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