She was not female!


“…Is Kkachi
(cat’s name) male?”
One day Seha asked.
“I see something…”
↑ Something is seen between black hair..!!
Suddenly we recalled
a day we rescued her!
‘Something is popped out on her ass.
It’s weird. Isn’t it?’
“But a veterinarian said that Kkachi is a female cat!”
‘Is she really female?’
‘Yes, She is~’
“I can’t believe that..”
“Hey, Kkachi…
Are you male?”
Heavily searching
[How to determine the sex of a cat]
[How to determine the sex of a cat]
: Male cats have one… more
There is no excuse..!
Or excuse!]
“It can be confusing until 3 months.”
“I found a story that one man thought his male cat (for him, female) is pregnant
so he brought him to veterinarian”
(so we are not that much serious..)
“I thought you are my sister, but you were brother..”
“I will keep your secret that your peanuts are too small to notice..”
Anyway, we love him whatever his gender is!
[Celebrate! He is a first male cat we rescue!]

[She was not female!] is a short comic about my experience that I found that my cat is not female after 3 months later I rescued the cat.

I communicate and express my experiences with cartoons with simple characters and several cuts.

If you want to show your story attractively to other with some humor, I can help you by reorganizing and visualizing your story into your own cartoons.

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