One Way Ticket

Comic & Animation

Why I moved from Korea to Germany.




I want to live differently.

‘Am I an unsatisfied person?’
‘Or arrogant?’

Maybe I just want to live
kind of special life.



Do I expect too much from life?

But, one thing is obvious.

‘I don’t want to live like this any more.’

So I decide

“Good bye,”

to buy an one way ticket.

This comic is about my decision to leave home.

I drew my experiences and feelings and organized them in comic. One more, I animated the scenes into the video with rhythmical breath. 

If you want to make your stories more impressive, I can help you by visualizing them into the comic and animating them.

© 2021 Yeo Da Ha
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Meine Schwerpunkte sind: Illustration, Porträts, Karikaturen, Icons, Logodesign, Postkartendesign, Buchillustrationen, Comic und Video Animation. Ich freue mich auf Anfragen.