The Making of the movie
'Stranger than Jesus'

Graphic Novel

S1# Start of the film

S2# 3 guys decided to make the film

S3# Of course, we need other

S4# Finding Jesus

S5# First day, learn by doing

S6# Never overwork

S7# Good meals make good movies.

S8# Things I didn't know about movies.

S9# Too much ideas

S10# Why we live, and why we make a film

Advertisments for Crowd funding

These episodes are included in the scenario book which is a reward for Crowd funding supporters.

[Making film] is telling how film ‘Stranger than Jesus’ was made. The film is an independent movie and only 9 people participated. This film had a crowd-funding for post-production, and this graphic novel was uploaded on SNS of film production to advertising the funding.

I also participated in this film as an art director, so I drew my experiences and reasons we made this film. I designed our staff to character, and with several episodes, I organized them into the graphic novel.

If you want to communicate and persuade people to make decisions, I can help you by visualizing your story into story-telling cartoon or graphic novel.

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