Illustration & Product Development

Cover of the Dip-Idea-Configurator

Dip-Idea-Configurator kits, tips and ultimate shopping list for dips.

Illustrations for 'How to make'

GIF Animation for Website

[Dip-Idea-Configurator] is a method, which gives cooking ideas for dips, pestos, salsas, sauce and spread. The makers, 'Food-Konfigurator', believe that everybody can cook and people can learn cooking by doing. With this tool, people can configurate their own dip ideas with daily taste and feeling. Every cooking ideas is vegan.

For this project, I made the illustrations and chracters for print and website. I wanted to show the world, where every living beings are respected and living together, like the cow driking coffee and the trees who hug each other.


Concept & Project Development and Website realisation by Suug Productions, suug-productions.de
Layout Design and GIF Animation by Seha, 2Seha.net
GIF Animation by Moondesign, moonjunesung.com

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